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A Google pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign is one of the most cost-efficient ways of boosting your online visibility and sales. Whether you are new to the online market or are already an established brand, PPC ads can help you multiply your leads in a short time.

At Gilead Digital, our PPC experts have years of experience, which when combined with thorough analysis creates an effective ad strategy that ensures that your business attracts more leads than the rest.

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How can a PPC campaign help you generate more traffic and sales?

Google ads are highly personalized and allow you to target users that are more likely to purchase your products or services. Since these ads show up at the top of the page, the users seeking a product like yours would see you before your competitors, ensuring increased leads and sales.

Here are the pay-per-click services that we offer:

The PPC services we offer include:

Google Ads
Google Display Ads
Google Shopping
Google Remarketing

Case Study

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Delight Learning is a global organizational learning solutions provider. They offer industry recognized training and certification programs across various management domains like communications, entrepreneurship, project management etc. Their wide range of training and certification programs, and e-learning resources have made them a premier learning partner in India.


The e-learning industry in India is very wide, with a number of companies offering training solutions. While Delight Learning had a long list of satisfied clients including MNCs and large scale companies, their online presence and digital footprint was not well-rounded. This was preventing them from reaching out to more prospective clients in e-learning domain. Our aim in this project was to:

1. Build a strong online presence for Delight Learning
2. Increase traffic on the company’s website
3. Increase the number of enquiries from website, thus increasing sales realization through online platforms

Our Strategy

With this project, our approach was straightforward – “Identify customer search trends and build an online presence that instills trust and professionalism.” Our team researched popular keywords that users include in their search queries, and undertook comprehensive white hat SEO techniques to optimize the website’s rankings on search engines.

The focus was laid on creating a 360o web presence, which included listing the website of relevant directories, undertaking SEO activities to build quality back links, and ensuring relevant and high quality content on the internet.

Increase in online purchases
Decrease in cost per sale

Why choose our Google Ad service?

Want to be the first brand your target market sees when they search for your product or service across the web?

Our PPC ad experts have helped numerous businesses multiply their leads in just a few days. They do extensive research about your location and the online behaviour of your target demographic to find the most promising keywords. These keywords are then used to plan an impeccable ad campaign that fetches you the best returns according to your budget.Read more…

We keep a constant eye on the progress of the campaign and keep you updated about all the developments.

If you want to see your leads growing multi-fold, call or write to us and we can schedule a chat to tell you more about our PPC ad solutions.

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